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Water Quality

     Every pond is different depending upon its water chemistry, size, depth, plant and fish population, circulation and external factors of  climate and sun exposure.

     Be Aware:  To Maintain maximum Water Quality

  • Chlorinated water supply ... use a water conditioner.
    Chlorinated water will kill fish and beneficial bacteria

  • pH balance ... 7.0 - 7.8 is healthiest range for your pond
    Obtain an aquarium test kit and measure pH regularly.

  • Ammonia ... a natural but toxic compound excreted by
    fish.  Test for ammonia regularly, especially after adding
    new fish.

  • Metals ... toxic to fish, if your plumbing system has
    copper pipes, let the water run for a few minutes before
    allowing it to flow into the pond.

    We stock a complete line of water quality products to maintain a clear and healthy pond.