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Koi Sales

Whitepath’s domestic koi are spawned from Japanese Premium Broodfish. Georgia’s red clay soil and our pure mountain well water, combine to produce healthy koi with outstanding colors.

All young fish go through a culling process where only koi with good colors and body shape are grown on for sale. The result is that all of our koi are select grade or better.

Our select grade koi are truly outstanding in coloration and body shape.

Fish Health

At Whitepath Water Gardens we take extraordinary precautions to prevent fish disease. We have never had any virus (KHV or spring viremia) in our koi. We produce koi from different facilities, all of which maintain strict isolation from other koi populations. Prior to shipment all koi are quarantined and treated for parasites and bacteria, and sample fish are examined microscopically by our on site biologist. Your koi should arrive parasite-free. Please avoid mixing them with untested fish that may be carriers of contagious disease.